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cleaninf black streaks on a roof Black streaks on your roof - "Gleo Capsamagma" a Bacteria

 Softwash roof cleaning method is an effective and safe way to remove the black streaks and kill the mold, algae, moss, fungus, bacterior and lichen, that is eating away at your roof shingles, and or siding, deck or wooden fence, and in many cases all exterior wood siding. This also happens with wood decking, fences and all types of other surfaces, including concrete, mortor joints in bricks and stonewalls.

The streaks that are staining your roof are actually a bacteria called "Gleocapsa Magma." This is the main culprit for most of the roof staining throughout the US.


Customer Beware!!! (Caveat Emptor) Before you consider replacing your roof or doing an overlay on your roof, call us at no charge. Majority of the roofs and exteriors can be cleaned, not needing to be replaced, saving you thousands! Call or email for a free spot demo and/or quote! 



We save almost all customers thousands - see below!


*** Most customers believe it is a true conflict of interest for a roofing or exterior siding company - contractor to also engage in the roof or siding cleaning business.  Most roofs or siding can regain its curb appeal with a professional cleaning. Hundreds not Thousands!


 See Video Below!

Replace a Roof? - Is it Needed?

Thousands spent on Uneccessary Roof Replacement photo Thousands Spent on Uneccessary Roof Replacement in the above photo

A very common occurance above. Customer spent thousands unecessarily, when they decided to replace their roof. In majority of similar situations, the roofs appearance, and the cleaning and removal of the black streaks (Gleocapsa Magma) make it look new again, while killing the mold, algae, bacteria, fungus and lichen.  What's eating your roof?

The Soft Wash method, a no pressure roof cleaning process, removes the streaks and eliminates the Gleocapsa Magma, mold, bacteria, mildew and lichen, that would have damaged the above roof. Improperly cleaning, pressure washing (damaged by pressure) or lack of proper cleaning and maintenance, can void a roofing manufacturer's warrantee, and prematurely shorten a roof shingle performance by many years. This holds true to cedar shake or asphalt shingle roofs or siding. See below video.


 ** A pressure washer can easily damage your roof, resulting in the roof shingle warrantee becoming VOID!

Clean my Roof - Save thousands!

Mold - Bacteria deterioration of Roof Shingles Mold - Bacteria deterioration of Roof Shingles

Q: What's eating your roof?


Ans. Roof replacement could be neccessary in as little and 3-6 years


Don't waste time, allowing the decmposing and damage in becoming permanent, resulting in your roof or siding having to be replaced. As you know roofs and siding will cost you thousands! Call or email us now!

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