Exterior Cleaning Services

Vinyl siding cleaning - before photo Vinyl siding cleaning - before photo

 Residential or Commercial Roof Cleaning and Exterior Siding Cleaning are primarily the services we provide at Aquidneck Island Roof Cleaning.

 Some additional services  include:

  • Roof and siding, Vinyl, Wood Shingles, Aluminum and Wooden Clapboard and Metal Siding
  • Rest area, outside bathroon area surfaces cleaning and sanitization, playground sanitization
  • Brick, Bluestone, Limestone and other type stones as well
  • Stampedconcrete and Paver - pool decks, patios, driveways and walkways
  • Wooden and Vinyl Fencing and Decks

The softwash cleaning process eliminates the real problem by dealing with the underlying problem, not the symtom. We kill the algae, mold, bacteria or lichen.


Think of it this way. When you cut your lawn,it looks good, even with the weeds, as they are not really that noticeable. Pressure washing is similar to a lawn mower, in that it removes the surface problem, leaving behind the underlying problem, the ROOT!


It appears that when pressure washing is used in an attepmt to remove algae, mold, bacteria or lichen, it seems to comeback with a vengence. We addressed the symptom and not the underlying problem.


The softwash no pressure cleaning method will address the underlying problem by killing the root, significantly reducing the interval at which the algae, mold, bacteria or lichen return.

Exterior Wood Shingle & Vinyl Siding Cleaning

Vinyl siding cleaning - after photo Vinyl siding cleaning - after photo

We clean all types of exterior siding, such as wood, vinyl, aluminum. Additionally, many exterior wood and vinyl fencing and decking are also affected by the same culprits, as asphalt roofs and wood cedar shakes, both roof and siding. We also clean and seal conventional, stamped and decorative concrete and pavers. 888-783-7192

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