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Neighborhood of house roofs-before and after cleaning Neighborhood of house roofs-before and after cleaning


Q. Why does my roof and siding shingles look so dirty, when the roof is only 5 years old?


Ans. Most people don’t realize their roof is not dirty at all. It’s actually infested with tiny micro-organisms that are thriving on your roof. They sometimes resemble the United Nations, in that. It not one single visitor, it’s algae, molds, mildew and various types of bacteria contributing to the decomposing of your roof and house siding surfaces. Micro-organisms are used by nature in the decomposition process, enabling all materials to eventually become part of the earth. Nature uses these tiny micro-organisms to break down larger objects into smaller items eventually becoming part of the soil. This decomposition of your roof and other surfaces around your property are being attacked-infested and decomposed right before your very eyes.


Q. Can’t I use a pressure washing contractor to clean my roof? 

Ans. Pressure washers were used in the past to clean algae and mildew away from these surfaces. This is actually the absolute wrong thing to do. Water under pressure creates erosion. Using a pressure washer will erode to clean away a decomposer and will actually accelerate the aging and decomposition of the roof and other surface. Pressure washing is old school and doesn’t solve the problem of algae, mildew and bacteria staining.


Q. I had my roof cleaned by a pressure washing guys last year and its starting to look the same way it did before he did it. Why is this?


Ans. Just like any infestation, we need treat them with a solution to kill them and keep those pests from coming back right? We treat your properties roof, exterior, decks in the same way? We utilize the SoftWash Systems™ to treat staining like a pest not a stain. We address the root of the problem, not the symptom. Our three in one process cleans the surface, achieves a 100% kill of the fungal pests and leaves behind a spore block inhibitor to protect against further infestations. Best of all our SoftWash Systems™ cover your roof treatment with a 4 Year Spot-Free Limited Warranty.


*Some of this information comes from the SoftWash Systems™ website.

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