Roof Cleaning is a Science

One of the most important decisions you make, is when your considering having your roof or house exterior cleaned, is selecting the roof cleaning contractor with an effective, safe no pressure, 100% bio-degradable solution and a sound roof cleaning method and process.


Aquidneck Island Roof Cleaning specializes in no pressure, 100% bio-degradable softwash roof & exterior cleaning method. As roof cleaning cntractors we know it is a safe and the most effective way to fix the problem. We utilize bio degradable solutions/products, that treat the problem, immediately- killing the underlying cause. The real benefit to you is the softwash cleaning method and process will treat the underlying problem, as well as the black streaks, mold, moss, algae and mildew, which are the symptoms.



Replacing vs. Cleaning your Roof Shingles

Though very little scientific study exists on what these algae, fungus and bacteria do to a roof, it is widely accepted by the experts in this field that these bacteria and algae do harm roofing systems. There is an abundance of photo documentation of roofing surfaces left unchecked and exposed to these micro organisms, that show significant degradation to the roofing materials.

(The photo to the left is of a 30 year old shingle roof that has been seriously attacked by algae, mold, mildew and bacteria.)

^ Brook, Alan J. (1968). "The Discoloration of Roofs in the United States and Canada by Algae". Journal of Phycology 4

Roof Cleaning - Don't do it yourself - Risky Business

Cleaning all parts of a roof Cleaning all parts of a roof

Roof Cleaning is risky business and is quickly learned once on is up there. With the valleys and ridges, not to mention the pitch of a roof. There are many roof cleaning companies selling Do-It-Yourself products, most of which require multiple applications, increasing the chances of a homeowner, gardener, neighbor or maintenance person risking an injury and even worst, possible death, from a fall.


Also, the cost of multiple applications will result in you buying more of their product, achieving sib-standard results, only to be told that your process was flawed. Then you call us - a total waste of your money. Don't do it yourself, as the risk is not worth it! Spend your money wisely and have the roof or exterior cleaning done by a professional roof and exterior cleaning contractor. Pricing is reasonable! Please see the analogy in the next paragraph.


Properly Cleaning your Roof Shingles is a Must!

*As with weeds in your lawn, when you cut the lawn, it doesnt look that bad. However, the weed root system is still there. Before you know it, its back! 


The same applies with roof and exterior cleaning. We kill the mold, algae, bacteria, mildew and lichens. Which is the same as removing the weed's root, which is the problem - eliminating the problem! When we done, the symptom and the cause are gone! We guarantee our work!


We get to the root of the problem!


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