Cedar Roof Cleaning

Cedar Shake Roofs are truly a beautiful type of house roof. When properly cleaned and maintained over the years, they can last 30-40, and sometimes even longer. Cedar Roof Longevity is determined by many factors, most of which are controlable. We kill the algae, mold, bacteria, lichen and brown or white-rot fungi.

Cedar Roof Istallation Cedar Roof Istallation

Cedar Shake Roof Installation


At pre - installation phase, it is recommended that a professional contractor - cedar shake roof installer be sort out, consulted with, to ensure a proper installation of your cedar roof will take place. Cedar roof installation is a totally different process than an ashalt shigle roof.


Assuming quality cedar wood, property lcation of the installation, how many times people have walked on the roof and the amount of trees over the roof top area, will all impact the life span of a cedar roof frm 30-40 years, and in most cases even longer. improper care and maintenance of your cedar roof can result in a premature replacement, which is significant amount of money.

Cedar Roof Care and Maintenance Cedar Roof Care and Maintenance

Cedar Shake Roof Care & Maintenance


Cedar care and Maintenance are thought to be one of the most important factors that contribute to  your cedar shake roofs life span. Although, high humidity, exposure, proximity to the ocean, play a big part in the overall life span equation. When comparing cedar shake shingles, please know that there are different grades of quality, which you should know about at time of installation. However, the mportant part if you inherited the roof when you purchased your house, is the care and maintenance of your cedar shake roof. Protect your investment, by ensuring your dealing with a cedar roof cleaning contractor,  not a cedar roof contractor or a asphalt roof cleaner that also ceans cedar shake roofs. We often see cedar shake roofs that have been extensively damaged by roof contractors and roof cleaners who treated the cedar roof like an asphat roof.


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